My Alphabet Butterfly

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The toys are an integral part of learning process. While the children are engrossed in fixing together pieces of the attractive jigsaw puzzle, they do not realize that the puzzle is secretly contributing to their mental growth. Wooden MY ALPHABET BUTTERFLY is a wonderful method to teach the alphabet without getting a feeling of boredom. It also helps to improve motor skills by placing the pieces at the right place to make a colorful butterfly. Key features: Unique: Each puzzle has a built-in tray which provides a stable base while the child is playing and also serves as a container preventing scattering and the loss of pieces when not in use. Durable: Made from MDF by a special process. The pieces can be wiped or cleaned with a piece of moist cloth. Naughty fingers cannot peel or scratch the pieces. Attractive: Bright and colourful pieces those are attractive to children.